We honor General Colin Powell, one of the most impactful leaders and speakers I have had the privilege of interviewing. Here is a clip from our most recent Empathy! Concert featuring Brittney Johnson singing "Hero":

More videos of General Powell’s comments at our learning events at www.masie.com/powell

Introducing Our New Global Brand:


MASIE Innovations will be our new global brand starting on November 1st.  We are excited to merge our work on Learning, Talent, Technology, Broadway Theater. Social Change and Innovation into a high energy brand that is filled with color, excitement, new projects and philanthropy.

MASIE Innovations will be a "B" company - focused on our mission - creating value and open collaborations for our field and society.  It will include the Learning COLLABORATIVE, Masie Productions, Empathy Concerts and New Models of Events.   Stay tuned for details.


75 Global Companies Collaborating on Learning

Elliott Masie