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Curated from Membership


The members of the Learning COLLABORATIVE will select a few of these topics for each Quarter for projects, discussions and design brainstorms. 

Design Thinking for Instructional Design
Learning Agility: Creating an Adaptable Workforce
Accelerated Learning
How to Survey Learners About Transfer?
Micro Learning
Increased Security for Integrated Platforms & Collateral
Encouraging & Ensuring New Tool Adoption
Training Strategy for Sales Managers to Adopt Use of Data with their Teams
Chatbots for Learning
Self-Directed, Short-Bite Learning
Building a Learning Culture
Hybrid Learning/Working
New Tech for Learning (e.g., VR/AR, AI, Machine Learning, Apps)
Learning in the Workflow (Strategy, Tech, Tools)
Skills/Skill-Based Development/Talent Marketplace
Leadership Development/Manager Development
Data Analytics
Return of In-Person Learning
Content Management/Streamlining Learning Catalogue
Effectiveness of Remote Learning: Virtual Engagement & Learning Transfer
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Video/Video Technology for the Classroom
Upskilling the Learning Function: Building the Training Workforce of the Future
Keeping SMEs and other “Part Time” Learning Professionals Upskilled and Knowledgeable
Changing the Hearts and Minds of the Learning Industry (e.g., Kill ADDIE, Kill Kirkpatrick)
Project & Time Management for Learning (especially eLearning) Projects
Investing in Learning: Knowing Where to Put the Money
Personalization of Learning
LXPs/LMSs (and LMS Add-Ons)
Career & Skill Portability within the Organization
Outsource vs. Insource
Learning Impact (How to Tell the Right Stories About This)
Upskilling Across the Organization
Learning Journeys
The Learning Landscape of 2022
L&D Partnering with Talent
Performance Management
Capturing Informal Learning Experiences
Standardization & Resource Sharing
Executive-Level Talent Mobility
Letting Go of Rituals
Interactive Training
The Future of Meetings/Learning at Conferences and Events
Corporate/Higher Ed Partnerships of the Future
How to Drive New Corporate Purpose?
"Teams of Teams” - New Ways of Working
Digital Badging
Evidence Gathering for Better Neuroscience-Based Learning Design
Accelerating Learning Timeframes and "Myth-Busting" Time Requirements for Learning
Bringing Remote Learning to the Entire World
How to Recruit & Build Technical Talent?
How to Make Simulations More Economical?
How to Work with Recent Grads?
Stretching Tight Budgets
Help for the Learning Team from Other Functions
Career Development Tracks
Getting Employees Adept at Driving Their Own Learning
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