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Dialogues, Content & Experiments in AI & Learning LAB 

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AI & Learning Dialogues: We will engage in a wide range of Dialogues, Discussions and Explorations during your AI & Learning LAB. Here are some of the key topics we will explore - from a non-vendor and non-hyped perspective?


  • How Learning Designers Might Leverage AI

  • How Employees Themselves Might Use AI for Learning

  • How AI Might Become the Curation Tool of Choice

  • A-Learning: Augmented Learning with AI

  • When AI Is Inaccurate, Dangerous, Risky or Worse

  • Personalization with AI

  • AI & Needs Analysis, Assessment, Testing & Simulation

  • AI for Workflow Support, Nudging 

  • Rights & Use Licensing for AI Content

  • Can AI Do Graphic Creation for Learning Resources

  • Coaching with AI & Scaling Expertise Access  

  • Creating an Internal Content "Cave"

  • Global Translation - Using AI for Language

  • Is AI Supportive of Diversity & Inclusion

  • The Role of Collaborative/Cohort Learning with AI

  • Virtual Instructors and Digital Twins via AI

  • Brain Science and AI: Research & Philosophies

  • AI & LMS/Learning/Talent Systems: Pathways Forward

  • Impact of AI on Learner Skills & Motivation

  • New Skills for Learning & Development Professionals

  • Job and Role Changes with AI in Learning & Business

  • Your Questions, Concerns, Challenges & Curiosities about the Future of AI

Participant Outcomes for AI & Learning LAB:


  • Fluency in AI Terminology & Methodologies

  • Expanded Examples & Models in Workplace Learning

  • Deep Dialogue on Ups, Downs, Motivations & Concerns about AI & Learning

  • Experiments and Simulations of AI Supporting Learning Development & Delivery

  • Experiments and Simulations of Leveraging Self-Engineering Learning by Employees

  • Dialogues with Chief Learning Officers on Corporate Strategies for Considering AI for Learning & Talent

  • Framing the Changing Skills for Learning Professionals for AI and Augmented Approaches

  • Real Time Hands-On Experiences with AI Tools from OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, Kahn Academy and Learning Suppliers

  • Honoring the Resistance and Concerns about AI in the Workplace

  • Interactions with AI & Learning Experts from Workplace and Education Fields

  • Develop and Design a Corporate & Personal AI & Learning Project

  • Explore the Human Impacts of AI & Learning

  • Research and Evidence Approaches to Evaluating the Impact of AI & Learning Approaches

  • Understand Market Shifts by Learning Vendors Adding AI to Learning Systems

Examples of AI & Learning Projects in LAB:


During our time together in Saratoga Springs, you and fellow participants will brainstorm and experiment with these projects and simulations:


  • Redesign On-Boarding using AI & Learning

  • Curating Content for New Learning Experience with AI Tools & Systems

  • Personalizing Content and Examples

  • Leadership Development Enhanced with AI

  • Scaling Coaching with AI and Augmented Approaches

  • Feedback and “Nudging” with AI

  • Role of AI in Classroom and On-The-Job Training

Technology Suggested: Participants should bring a laptop, tablet or phone with internet access via WiFi or cellular. We will provide a set of technology alternatives for participants unable to bring their own systems.

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