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Dangers of AI & Learning?

I asked ChatGPT-4 to Generate a Poem about AI for Learning on March 19, 2023


"Write a poem about the dangers of using AI for Learning." The results:

In the world of work, technology reigns

And AI has become its newest gain

Yet with every new tool we embrace

Comes a risk we cannot erase

AI for workplace learning is the new trend

But dangers lurk around every bend

For machines can only do so much

And humans must still stay in touch

The risk of automation is clear

Jobs may vanish without a tear

Replacing people with robots may seem smart

But the human touch is still a vital part

Mistakes made by machines cannot be undone

And learning opportunities may be gone

Without the human touch, AI may fail

And with it, the success of every tale

Training AI to learn and teach

May not be as easy as it may seem

For human emotions and nuances

Are not easily replicated by machines

So while AI may help us learn

We must also take care to discern

The risks and dangers that it brings

And ensure that human learning still sings

For while technology may advance

And AI may lead the dance

Humanity must still stay strong

And ensure that we belong.

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