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Everything Digital Off for 1 Day

I am very excited to start my first "Digital Sabbath" tonight at Sundown.

Simply, turn off and stop using ALL Digital Devices for one day.

A "Sabbath" away from the unlimited digital information, news and interactions.

So, at Sundown Tonight, I will unplug the wireless modem, turn off and stop using every digital device in our home. No television, mobile phones, tablets, computers and even my Apple Watch. Amazon Alexas and Google Home devices will be unplugged.

Why? To experiment with one day of no digital distraction or addiction. To immerse in conversations, reading, reflecting, walking and maybe picking up a paper journal and pencil for some hand made notes.

I was introduced to this concept by a keynoter at one of my Learning conferences, Stephanie Slain, who announced that every weekend her family took a Digital Sabbath.

It sounded interesting - but didn't see a need to try it out personally. Now, on the one year anniversary of my Pandemic "be at home" status, I was intrigued by the Digital Sabbath in the Masie household.

Literally, it took some time to find and list all of the digital devices. And, to make an emergency back up plan. Yes, the landline of the house phone will be on for emergency contact from family.

I received a wide range of comments when I announced my Digital Sabbatical, including a few friends placing bets that I could not make it for 24 hours. The best note was from Rabbi Abba in Saratoga - who reminded me that was what the Sabbath was all about - to turn off the external elements and concentrate differently for a day.

Stay tuned for the post brief.

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