E is for Extraordinary Love - E is for Emergency Reply to Hate

E is for Extraordinary Love - E is for Emergency Reply to Hate March 22, 2021 - eNotes from Elliott Masie 1) E is for Extraordinary Love: I was invited to the 80th Birthday Party of a man I have not seen for 46 years. He was my camp counselor on a cross country trip for teenagers when I was 15. And, he is experiencing Alzheimers, with memory loss of past experiences and people. There were about 25 people on the Zoom call, friends as a small child, colleagues from his years as a college professor, a dozen family members from around the world, and me. We each introduced ourselves and shared a story that he might recall, along with pictures. The 90 minutes of this call were one of the most Extraordinary Acts of Love - in both directions. He could feel the love of people that deeply respected him, even if he didn't recall them. After each story, he would say how amazed and touched he was that they were there. He share an overwhelming sense of love from each person and his daughter who organized this event. It did not matter if he remembered us or our stories. This was one of the most powerful digital experiences of my life. His grace and appreciation, along with acceptance of his medical situation, moved me in the depths of my heart. He summarized it as saying he felt LOVE alive and deep and gave it back to each of us. Wow! 2) E is for Emergency Reply to Hate: The hate and hate crimes toward Asian Americans in our society has bubbled up to the public's awareness. As you may know, I have produced Broadway shows that focus on this hate in our past, including Allegiance, starring George Takei. I invite you to watch today's Empathy Concert. George Takei, known for Star Trek and advocacy for human rights, will be interviewed about Empathy, Acceptance, Science Fiction and AAPI Hate Crimes. Telly Leung, my co-host, will be performing uplifting songs along with 2 Broadway actresses on this unique Empathy Concert. Join us live (Monday, March 22nd from 4 pm to 5 pm EDT) or watch the streamed recording afterwards. Reserve a space at http://www.masie.com/empathy0322 Let us say, "Stop AAPI Hate!"

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