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COLLABORATIVE Holiday 2021 Call

End-of-Year Trends and Holiday Call Summary: In case you missed our call yesterday, here are some examples of key trends for 2022 shared by Elliott, our deans, and members.


  • In this hybrid world, just like in-person learning, in-person work should be focused on what can’t be done from home.

  • Leaders need to be authentic and honest about the ambiguity, volatility, and uncertainty of these times.

  • We need to clearly communicate that “emergency” virtual instruction, which many students and workers have been experiencing during the pandemic (and complaining about), is not the vision for quality digital learning!

  • Employees have taken learning into their own hands and found more ways to learn on the job.

  • Implementing new learning systems is a key objective for several members.

  • As hybrid and virtual work become normalized, VR is being explored in more serious ways for a variety of purposes.

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