TO: Learning & Business Colleagues

FROM: Elliott Masie, Learning Festival


RE: Learning Festival Invitation - July 13 in NYC


I am very excited to invite you to one of the first face-to-face gatherings of learning colleagues in the United States in the past 14 months:


I am SO excited about this and it will be a totally unique event. Here are some of the details:


  • WHY A LEARNING FESTIVAL? I am so ready to gather, connect, and collaborate face-to-face with learning colleagues.

  • FORMAT: This is a “Festival” - not a conference, panel, or workshop. We will combine conversations about learning with several amazing Broadway performances. You will have opportunities to share a meal with new colleagues and interact with amazing resources. Elliott Masie will be the host and facilitator. There will be engagement with the MASIE Learning Deans and Fellows. Broadway segments will be produced by Telly Leung, and American Idol star Melinda Doolittle will be with us all day, along with other Broadway stars.

  • WHEN: The Learning Festival will take place on Tuesday, July 13th. We will start at 9:30 am and go through 7:30 pm.

  • WHERE: Midtown, Theater District in Manhattan, NY. We will meet in several locations, including Broadway. Participants traveling to NYC should plan on staying at any midtown NYC hotel. Plus, we will have an informal gathering point for people that are coming into NYC on Monday night.

  • SIZE & PARTICIPANTS: We will limit the attendance to 100 people in order to keep the interactions vibrant and the seating/mingling formats safe, according to current COVID guidelines. Our group will be composed of learning colleagues from organizations around NY and across the country.

  • NO FEE! We will not charge any fee to participate, but we will ask each participant to make a donation ($100 or less) to the non-profit “Feeding America”. And, the MASIE Center will match donations to a total of $10,000. Lunch and dinner will be ala carte with lots of options.

  • Who is Invited? Our Learning Festival is organized for learning colleagues who are leading learning in corporate and governmental agencies.  Here are our guidelines for accepting participants for the July 13th Learning Festival

    * Priority for Organizational Members of the Elliott Masie Learning COLLABORATIVE.
    * Learning Colleagues Implementing Learning in Organizations (not as a supplier/vendor)
    * Learning Innovators Invited by The MASIE Center
    * This is a Vendor-Neutral Gathering.  We agree to avoid all selling and marketing at the event.  If Supplier/Vendor is accepted, they agree to be present as a co-learner without any "pitching"

    Within 4 days of receiving your note of interest in the Learning Festival, our team will send you a note confirming your participation - based on the above guidelines and available space.


  • Learning Festival Activities: We are dynamically building a fun, meaningful, and interactive day of learning, collaboration, and Broadway entertainment segments. We will engage participants in pre-planning ideas. If you have ever attended one of the MASIE learning events or conferences, you know that this will be a unique and high-energy day with colleagues.

  • COVID Guidelines for Participation: We assume that all participants will be fully vaccinated for COVID by the time of the event. Some of the venues we meet in may ask for proof of vaccination. The Learning Festival will follow current CDC and New York City guidelines around masks and social distancing.

  • How Do I Reserve a Space? If you would like to participate in our first Learning Festival, please go to and fill out a short form. We will confirm participation within 4 days after receiving your submission (please wait to make your hotel or plane reservations). In order to have a diverse group, we may limit the number of participants from a single organization. We recognize that your plans may change and we understand if there a few last-minute cancellations.


We are very excited to introduce and evolve the idea of Learning Festivals as an evolving format that could be located around the world. We already have colleagues in Japan and England ready to experiment with this format after our July experience. I look forward to creating new ways for learning colleagues to Connect, Collaborate, Celebrate, and share Content, Context, and Creativity. Plus, do it with amazing musical and theater performers.


Please respond as soon as possible. If you have any questions, send a note to


Yours in learning,


Elliott Masie