Elliott Masie's Learning COLLABORATIVE is excited to launch a global “Open Source” project to build the ranks of Learning and Development colleagues.

                    Welcome to the Learning Boot Camp!


We will be building a collection of learning experiences, resources, and assets (all without fees), that can form a “Boot Camp” process to develop the skills, readiness, language, and approaches of future Learning Colleagues.


The collection will have 3 “versions”:


  • Self-Study: A Learning Boot Camp for independent use for an individual targeting an upcoming role in Learning.

  • Organizational: A Learning Boot Camp set of resources that can be leveraged and extended by an employer to use with internal or recently hired employees. This could be blended with their own content, examples, and coaching.

  • Higher Education: A Learning Boot Camp sequence that can be “Velcro-ed” to an Undergraduate or Graduate higher education program to build learning readiness for their graduates.


We are looking for about 10 learning leaders, from different industries, backgrounds, and generations, to be a thinking group for this project. You will meet virtually several times with Elliott Masie and Dana Koch, my lifelong colleague from Accenture, to brainstorm and framework this project.

This is a high impact that our Learning COLLABORATIVE can make on the world of Learning – as we face a changing workplace and workforce. Would you send a note to emasie@masie.com if you would like to volunteer for this thinking group.